01 February 2019

We've Waited Long Enough!

It is now time for the big reveal!!!!! I have had such a huge internal debate over when I was ready to share finished photos of our home in Kigali. While most of our friends would have said it was completely done 6 months ago (!) I still don't actually feel like it's really finished.  I'm still changing up porch furniture, debating curtains, and I'm not quite pleased with the legs of the island yet- to name a few! 

However,  it is time to get the photos out there, and to move on with all of the other Kigali homes and projects I've been working on and need to share with you too! I will be sure to update the blog with all of my own home changes as I make them. And you know I will! ;)

So let's take a brief home tour of only the best shots for now! Starting with our front porch. I hope you like it!!! Keep in mind, I could do this for you and your home too. ;) (www.nafasiinteriors.com)

I added these breezey curtains for a vacation-y relaxing vibe. 

I wanted the decor to be organic and natural, yet...

Still vibrant and colorful! This is the outdoor greeting of the house. It sets the stage!

Welcome inside! Here's the Entryway! (and Nami)

Here is our Entry, Hallway, and island of the Kitchen. This big main room is the heart of our home. The Kitchen, Dining Room, Entry and Living Room are all open to each other.

This home design was an attempt at a more dramatic, mature space for Patrick and I. Coming away from our Rubengera home in the hills (click to see,) with all of it's playful color, I was feeling ready for a more moody scene here. Plus, the setting of the home works well with the design, as the house sits very low, privately in a valley. 

This show stopper end table and chair in the Living Room!!

Our cozy Living Room!

The view from the Hallway. Here you can see the use of black on the walls, as well as white,  set apart by an added brick beam. 

Here's our open kitchen. It is so nice to entertain and have everyone in one big open space! 

This is the blog from installing the whole kitchen! 

Saddle up! 

Kitchen looking at Dining Room

Colorful and classy. Formal and casual, both at the same time. 

Then, beyond the Main open room, down the hallway you'll find the Bathroom.

I have been keeping my own bathrooms pretty natural and calm lately. I think I want to make my showers feel as spa-like as I can, so maybe that's why! 

It is very relaxing. Candles, plants, rainfall shower head. :)

Then you remember the guest room of course. (Read more from the blog on it here.)

And lastly, the Master Bedroom.

This room blends masculinity and femininity to a T with floral on black bedding, a soft pink yet geometric rug, khaki curtains with a more delicate pom pom trim, and canvas rope lights and a heavy black dresser with softer accessories. The room is simple and minimal, yet still dances with pattern. 

Can't resist this bed shot!

Simplicity in Design

Let's end on some bedroom sunlight :)

So that was the whole tour of our home! But I guess we can't forget about The Art House in our yard as well! (Click to read the blog on that too!)

This is where I unleashed all the color!!! 

Well, I must admit, after finishing this blog, it does feel like a release to let the design out into the world! Perfectionist or not, I think it's pretty darn good so far! ;) 

I would be interested in doing more home tours around Kigali. If you're proud of your home and want to be featured on my blog, we could all use the design and furniture ideas in this town! So please email me, and we can discuss more. And if you'd like some help with your design before releasing it into the world- I can help with that too! :) tericlar@nafasiinteriors.com

Thank you all so much for reading and following along on another fun design and transition of home, and life. :) 


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