04 October 2008

I brush my teeth with a cap full of water.

Hellooooooo everybody!!!... I miss America! How's it doing????... Who is "Geneseo kitten" who knows Swahili on my comments!?... Uwasalimie bibi wa Alpha Kappa Phi, na rafiki wote. Nimefurahi ulijibu Blog yangu!!! Ulijifunza Kiswahili wapi?? Sijui kabisa bado. Lakini, nimefurahi mambo New York ni sawa. Nipo sawa hapa Tanzania, ninapenda nchi. Imependeza kabisa!!!!! Karibu Tanzania!!!!!! SO MY SISTER HAD A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack Joseph Ezziden! 6lbs 12oz! .. He is beautiful! i just saw his pictures... im a little sad that i cant see him in real life... He looks like the cutest baby ive ever seen though! Everyone at the internet cafe here were crowded around his pic congratulating me. The word for neice and nephew in swahili is the same as child... so to say, my son is mtoto wangu.. or to say my nephew is mtoto wangu.... so ill have to diferentiate!.. haha.. but the word for aunt is mama mdogo!.. so i am mama mdogo (literally- small mom) and susie is mama mkubwa (literally- big mom) im so excited!!!!!!... here in tanzania, everythings been going good... i have been moving kind of slow bc i hurt my ankle, but im doing better now. i get furniture on the 7th finally!.. and ive been painting my house a lot n stuff... i have a camera at the post office right now!.. but i cant get it until later, they're being weird about getting our packages.... what else..... im making plans to go to zanzibar maybe for new years eve!!.. so that will be awesome!... i make the best toast. its better than at home. i need to learn more quick easy recipes for food... that idea doesnt really exist here. i cant wait to show everyone what ugali is.... look it up online... EVERY tanzanian eats it, pretty much every night for dinner... its kind of gross, but you get used to it!.. i actually dont mind it anymore. all i want is my package with easy squeeze cheese!!!!!!! ok, thats all... love/miss everyone! if anyone has any encouraging advice, help, ideas on what projects to start here in tanzania to promote better health an aids awareness, shoot! i would love to start some kind of org to be the liazon bw americans and kids, or ppl with hiv here in mbeya. BYYYE!!! :)