24 April 2014

My Cozy/Eclectic Room

Watch as this beige empty room becomes my own! Since these photographs, I have moved into the room next door and made some more adjustments. (Another blog on this to follow.) After I moved out my new roommate, Vicki, moved in and we're giving this space a whole new look! Think colorful, simple bare bones, and beachy. (Another post will follow on the 2nd transformation of this room as well!) One thing that remained throughout both rooms however is that awesome silver accent wall! And a NAFASI signature swag lamp! I love them. :) Stay tuned!

09 April 2014

How to Design for your Personality

Giving your home personality requires discovering what inspires you, and who you really are. Find keepsakes from your past and frame them. Paint with a color that makes you happy. Use contemporary accessories and contrast. Don't buy sets of furniture, get unique pieces that compliment each other. Remember to layer in decorating and use the rule of 3. If you love everything you're putting into your home, the design will work!

For the full 'How To,' read my guest blog, HOW TO GIVE YOUR APARTMENT PERSONALITY, that I wrote for the Washington Post's Apartment Showcase blog!


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