29 September 2013

The process of the Office

We started with a blank slate. An empty room, and a pinterest page. After a consultation with Stephanie Olvey, we figured out her style and the function of this office space... and then made it pretty. :) Steph was great to work with. She didn't know exactly what she wanted or how to verbalize or visualize it, and my job was to turn this space into what I imagined her dream office would be, all under $2000. 

I presented Steph with 4 different layout options, all with different working space utility... Then I asked her lots of questions. :) It turned out she was organized and needed storage, but wanted a clean table space where she could also sprawl out. This room is doubling as a TV room for her boyfriend as well. So we went with the faux built-in layout with the big desk in front. I gave her a mood board of how I thought the room would turn out and then we got started with the purchases (starting with the IKEA bookshelves of course!)

 The accent wall started out as a mustard-y yellow color at first, and after a color consultation with me, Steph went with the pale lime green.

 With all that display shelf space, we needed some goodies to showcase! So we hit up my FAVORITE place, Goodwill! (We got everything on her bookcases for under $200!!)

 We also went on a trip to a consignment shop in Georgetown. Some more great deals!

 I went on another thrift store trip on my own to pick out some beautiful wall art for Steph. She loves seagulls... JUST kidding ;) But the frames worked wonders for her gallery wall! (See the process of painting the gallery wall below as well)



27 September 2013

Hallock Rd Bedroom Makeover

Here's the room. Mess huh?? (It was my childhood room at my parents' house)

With some bright paint, a few DIYs (Blue distressed dresser, framed screen for earrings, refinishing the mirror, cutting the vanity counter, milk cupboard turned jewelry hook, and painting the rose stencil above the bed) and some extra special love I brought this child's messy bedroom to a more sophisticated look that is still playful and fun!

23 September 2013

Personal shopping for mom

My mom never, and I mean NEVER, buys anything for herself. She'll give her three girls whatever we ask for, but its rare that she gets anything for herself. I think that is just silly. Mom deserves a little closet candy too! So I decided it was time to get rid of the decades of old clothes she had and get mom a little glammed up!

So we went OUT with the old......

And in with my new fresh hip cool and super hot Mama Clar!!!!!
What a babe!

Here are some other ensembles we picked out, all from Target and Marshall's and totaling at under $300!

17 September 2013

Valentine's Decorations

The Valentine's Day decor at Artisan Confections that I made/designed:

Some action shots!

06 September 2013

Office MoodBoard for Stephanie

Stephanie Olvey has created this brilliant and innovative website for up and coming DC local creatives to sell their services in one market- Fortique. She opened her business in February 2013 and launched the site shortly after. I remember meeting up with her about my portfolio and how the whole process goes. I didn't realize at the time, but I was the first creative service provider that she was meeting! We hit it off, and I ended up designing her Fortique office!

I will show the whole design process in another blog post, but for now, here is the comparison shot of mood board turned reality! There were many steps in between, many changes, some twists, but I am very proud of the finished product. And it all ended up looking like the original plan with this inspiration board. We even ended up on apartment therapy!!! http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/stephanies-inspiration-board-turned-home-office-desktops-193025 If you're considering re-styling your room, you can check out my Fortique profile and hire me here. http://fortique.com/provider/interiordesign/teri/