25 February 2014

Recent finds and steals!

This cuuuute accent table was on clearance at Target for only $60!! It's pink and metal and organic. Super cute and a great find!
This is a great jewelry stand also. Eclectic and cool. 
Some morrocan trellis pattern tiles. An elegant touch.  
This hammered copper bowl gives a worldly traveled vibe, and the fact that it is unique and one of a kind, found at an antique shop, will give any room the extra touch of character that it needs. 
This is a really cool solid teak square dining table from R-Home in VA. I <3 teak! :)

04 February 2014

NAFASI is Official!

A little late to post this, but this is me getting my business license for NAFASI back on Sept 11! It has been quite a ride since then! I'm loving every minute of it. :)

03 February 2014

Loved this Mirror at Home Goods!

Great rustic industrial charm. Paint chipped and huge, and not a bad price either at Home Goods!