03 September 2008


So I made it to site! I've been living in my house for a week a half now. I got placed in Mbeya Region! It is soooooo beautiful here. It is really lush and mountainous, and rivers everywhere, and farms and gardens everywhere. My house is right next to the primary school, and its split into 2 apts, so i have a neighbor that has been feeding me and taking care of me! haha.. It was pretty much empty when i moved in, actually, it still is pretty much empty.... i have to buy furniture still. But i have a bed at least! My village is called Iyawaya. The bigger town that is closest is Inyala, like a 20 or 30 minute walk. And then the city (Mbeya City) is a 30 minute drive from Inyala on a daladala. (which is this van thing that piles as many ppl in as possible) Mbeya City is awesome.. thats where I am right now, to use internet. Its really nice here, and they have pretty much any food or anything I could want to buy. And theres this Canadian girl who lives in the City, has an awesome house, owns an orphanage, and is friends with a lot of Peace Corps ppl, so we can stay over at her house if we want to. In my village so far, its been kind of random day to day. I'm not supposed to be working for the first three months, in order to get settled and buy stuff for the house and get to know my villagers, map the village for the health centers and schools and stuff. So its a little strange not having a schedule or anything, like we have for the past 3 months of training. I've been getting close with my neighbors, and the teachers at the school i live near. Its a little hard with the language, obv... but i'll def learn faster this way. I think im going to try to find a swahili tutor at the secondary school. (All of the classes are taught in English at the secondary schools) For now though, im going to focus on figuring out how to cook and clean.. haha... I've never even lived alone in America, so doing it in Africa is funny. I don't have electricity again, but I don't really mind using a lantern and candles! And in order to get water i have to climb down this mountain to this river, under the roots of this tree, fill my bucket, and then carry it back up the mnt! ... kinda hard.. the students always try doing it for me, but im trying to get used to doing it for myself too. And then I boil it and filter it or bleach it. I haven't gotten sick at all or anything since Ive been here either! Ok times about to run out. Miss everyone!!!!!