29 June 2016

Adventures in Antique Row

Hi everyone!

A couple weeks ago the NAFASI team took a field trip to Antique Row in Kensington, MD.  Antique Row is literally that - a row of antique shops!  It's the largest and oldest center of antiques in the DC/metropolitan area.  If you're ever in the market for that special antique or are just looking to spend a relaxing afternoon browsing old treasures, definitely visit Antique Row!  I suggest checking what times the stores open - we went on a Sunday around 11, and all the stores were closed as they open at 12 on Sundays!  So we went for a stroll around the block and picked up some yummy sandwiches at a nearby deli while we waited.  The area has a lot of cute restaurants that would be perfect for a date night.

We started shopping on the block we wandered to while we were waiting for the Antique Row shops to open.  Capital Consignment was our first stop:

We found that adorable wicker elephant table you've been looking for!!  I can see him guarding the foyer in your house! 

They had lots of super cool art.  After Capital Consignment, we made our way back to Antique Row.  The shops were open and we decided to start at the beginning of the row with Antique Market II.

Chandeliers!!  The sapphire accented one is so pretty!

I think these antique jeweled brushes might be every girl's dream.  

There were a ton of amazing finds!  Lots of jewelry and little knick knacks as well as a good selection of antique furniture. 

Next stop was Mobler at Kensington.  If you're looking for mid-century modern furniture pieces then this is absolutely where you need to go!  Of all the stores we visited it had the most definitive focus on furniture and on one particular style. 

It looks like we visited the set of 'Mad Men'!  After Mobler, we checked out Sage Consignment.  It was super funky with a lot of crazy items!

You might recognize this life-size Barbie from our Instagram and Facebook.  She's one of ten 35th anniversary edition Barbies ever made!  The store owner told us she and Woody (pictured below) have a heated, on-again, off-again relationship.  I hope Barbie didn't see Teri and Woody getting cozy!!   

Next we checked out HomeWorks, an extremely adorable store that had a few furniture pieces and a lot of giftable items. 

Why yes, I was extremely delighted by the miniature farm animal novelty soaps!  They're just too cute!

The last stop on our Antique Row tour was Goldsborough Glynn.  This was a really nice shop and they even gave us complimentary lemonade while we browsed.  They had furniture, art, and a beautiful collection of jewelry.

Crystal bottle stoppers (above) and cufflink earrings (below).  

We really loved these typewriter key bracelets!  

That's all folks!  We had so much fun visiting Antique Row and seeing all the vintage treasures!  Check back soon for NAFASI's next adventure!




27 June 2016

When You Build Your First Home Together, You D.I.Y. a L.O.T!

Once our design plan was set, we wanted to change practically everything about the old space, so we got creative. Take a look at all of the DIY projects we completed in just the Living Room alone to get rid of all the girly cooties from before! ;) I can blog about each of them separately after the reveal to give away some more insider tips!

First project- Get RID of the glass shelves! I could not wait, and this project was on my mind since I had first moved in 3 years ago. Instead of a display case, I wanted it to be more of an open pantry with black inside walls and rustic wood shelves. It turned out great!

Next was painting! We spent a weekend with lots of trips to Home Depot, lots blue tape, and lots of beer. It was actually really fun, and we started to feel like we were really moving in together as we were building our own new home together!! (The picture I snapped of Pats in his undies, painting on the tiny stool is one of my all-time favorites of him btw.) ;)

The dining table was The. Hardest. DIY job I've ever done... without my Dad's help at least! The table was a Craigslist find. Such a cool Midcentury shape, but it was painted white. And I had to peel/sand/chemically remove alllllll that white paint off. Yes.

We had a great big white wall, and a great big white canvas (it was a bad painting I had bought from a salvage store and primer-ed over it in white) When coming up with the best idea for our art, we thought white and black. I was going to paint it, so we could choose anything we wanted. We decided to make it meaningful by doing an abstract map of our neighborhood with our first little place together right in the middle. Patrick is also a very big geek and fan of open street mapping - it only seemed natural. ;)

We also had 6x6 series from Rochester Contemporary Art Center where I worked after college. Last summer I brought him home and we bought 2 pieces of art! We had four 6" frames and two pieces of 6" art, so the bottom 2 frames are filled with a kit to build a 3-D rocket that Patrick had lying around, and an older painting of mine that I had held onto.

The other projects were pretty simple. Remember that pale lavender coffee table from the last design? I just spray painted it a glossy black and replaced the handle... And remember the old white TV console? Now it is matte black and more useful as a bench and storage area!
The project phase is overwhelming and exciting, intimidating and also the best part of the process. It's where you really get to use your creative juices! Just be prepared for your house to look like this for most of it:
So if you can stand that for a month or two, DIY is for you! If you and your partner don't kill each other first that is. ;) Find us back here Friday to see the project phase of the Master Bedroom next on the #TTPATShomemakeover!!


24 June 2016

How We Planned It All Out...

Let's start with the living room here. We had our color palette to work with. (See the last #TTPATShomemakeover blog post for details on that!) And within that color scheme, there would lie a design that we BOTH would enjoy.

Patrick had some functional requirements. He wanted to have seating looking at the fireplace. He moved in in December, and the best part of our apartment is the real wood
fireplace! It's fantastic and so cozy. So we wanted to take advantage of that. He also wanted no TV in the living room, but instead to have the guest room dedicated as a TV room. I loved the thought of no TV in the living room, so I was on board! The whole theory was to cut out "passive TV watching." When the TV is out where the action is, it's on, it replaces conversation, it gets watched more- accidentally sort of. Now, we DO enjoy ourselves some well deserved relaxation time with a movie, or (guilty pleasure) The Bachelorette. But when there is a separate TV room, it is much more intentional and more of a fun activity too! Keeping in mind the pieces that we already owned, we decided we needed a sofa, closer and angled in at the fireplace. The angled fireplace wall was the accent wall in green, along with the opposite kitchen and front door walls too.

To sell the whole idea to Patrick, I had to make a mood-board, or visualization board. This showed our sofas with the wall color, the ideas for other seating, artwork, rug, curtains, and kitchen table. The army green and gray, black and white, with the hints of raspberry. Greenery with plants! (That he would have to be in charge of or they wouldn't last long in my hands!) This was the thought for the living room:

And for the master bedroom I wanted the raspberry to be the main color in ombre on the walls, more black and white, rustic wood, mixed metals, and an overall simple boho feel:

The last room was problematic. We originally bought the small white sofa for the TV room
because it was a sleeper and we would still be able to have guests in there. But turns out, I was not ready to part with my bed yet! I loved my bed! Patrick had a queen, so we kept his for our bedroom, but my bed was the MOST comfortable full-size bed in the world! And it could double as a sofa in the TV Room/Guest Room, right? That's what we tried. My old kitchen table doubled as a desk. This room eventually turned into a leftover bonus jack-of-all-trades room that could be a guest room, TV room, dining room, office, art room, man cave, woman cave, AND the dog, Nami's, sleeping quarters. Pretty cramped in there. Our pockets needed a break anyways, so we let this one be for a minute.

Everything was pretty planned out, budgeted out and agreed on. We started making purchases, and had some major DIY action all documented and coming up on the next blog episode of #TTPATShomemakeover for Monday the 27th!!! See you then! :)


22 June 2016

What Your Cancer Friend NEEDS For Her Birthday!

It's that time of year again...

The sun is hot, the pool is open, the kids are out of school - it's officially summer!  All the astrology buffs out there know that summer also means Cancer season is from June 22 to July 22.  So in honor of all the crabs celebrating a birthday this month, Sydney and Teri, our resident Cancer, are going to give our readers a fun style analysis of the sign!

Facts about Cancer:
  • The sign is ruled by the moon, which in astrology represents our emotions.  Cancers tend to experience frequent changes in moods and feelings as the moon waxes and wanes.  
  • Cancer is a water sign, making them more sensitive than some of the other signs.  They're guided by their emotions and intuition.  
  • They're a cardinal sign so they love starting new projects and taking the lead! 
  • Cancer loves their home - being at home, having friends over, decorating - and family is important to them!
  • Their colors are white, silver, blue, and sea green.  A pop of red every now and then can bring out Cancer's hidden fierceness!

Teri here! OK, I get it, us Cancers are emotional... I guess it's true! For me, everything the zodiac read there was true actually. Especially that we love our homes! On that note- try giving the gift of a design board tailored just for your favorite Cancers... I bet they'll cry! ;) 

Teri's Cancer Design Board:

Sydney's Cancer Fashion Board:  

Clockwise from top left:  Pura Vida bracelets, turquoise phone casepalm tree phone casedonut nailsmoonstone ringKate Spade 'Shore Thing' stud earringsShe In short sleeve vintage printed dressCharlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection clutch and flats, zodiac nailsshorts

How adorable are the Charlotte Olympia clutch and flats?!  She also made heels for the same collection.  You can find them on her website for 50% off right now!  The turquoise and palm tree phone cases are a must-have for the summer, and those pearl crab stud earrings would be the perfect gift for any Cancer!!  Whatever you decide to do for your Cancer's birthday, they'll be touched simply because you're thinking of them. :)


Teri and Sydney

20 June 2016

Back on Track!

During the whole design-the-apartment, and move-in-together-with-Patrick, and maintain-the-business part of my life I lost track of blogging. Now that we're all settled in though, I'll be telling the story from the past tense. :) Better late than never they always say, amiright!? 

OK, so we left off on the #TTPATSHomeMakeover story with the last article, Pats Gets a Style Analysis where I realized my boyfriend who was becoming live-in, has nothing in common with me as far as living rooms.. Yikes.. So while trying to blend his modern, neutral, clean aesthetic, and my funky, bold, eclectic style I had a couple different color palettes to work with.

We both really liked the look of clean white walls. The thought being that white walls will modernize the older architecture of the apartment. Great starting point! I also really like black and white, and knew he gravitated towards that as well. Now, the trick would be bringing in the main accent colors. It was between a deep faded- almost gray- army green with touches of gray and raspberry. Imagine it! Another option as the main accent color was raspberry, adding natural woods... (like a deep manly raspberry though.) ;) And the last option was navy and leather. Classic, masculine, yet unique with it’s mix with black and white. Guess what we chose…

The army green! We thought it would be great for us because it’s still neutral-ish, and it hasn’t really been done a lot. We picked out Behr Gladiator Gray N370-6 and slapped it up on our small accent wall, keeping the rest of the walls that nice crisp white! With the raspberry accents in the living room, we decided we would have the main color in the master bedroom be that raspberry color, Benjamin Moore Crushed Velvet 2076-10 and the guest room we would leave white. Now that the hard part is over (Ha!) we could get on to layout. ;) To be continued…..

Every Monday and Friday, you can follow this story right here on the blog until the big reveal on July 15th!!


17 June 2016

Fashion Meets Interiors

Hi everyone!  

My name is Sydney and I recently joined NAFASI as Project Manager Intern.  I’m so excited to work alongside Teri and Rachel!  We have a lot of fun things planned for this summer and we'll be keeping you updated with our blog, Facebook, and Instagram!  Don't forget to look out for our newsletter so you can stay up to date on all things NAFASI - sign up here!

So, a year ago I worked at Urban Outfitters as a Team Leader, where I helped to manage and merchandise the store.  Merchandising is kind of like interior design for retail spaces: it involves everything from looking at the "big picture" of the layout of the store, to the details of how product is presented on a fixture.  I'm excited to see how much of my previous knowledge and experience from the fashion side of the world I'll be able to bring to NAFASI! 

But of course, NAFASI has already found a way to incorporate fashion into its design process.  During a client consultation, NAFASI really tries to get to know the client's personal style. One way to do this, is to take a look at what's in their closet!  Everybody has their own unique tastes in clothing and interior design is a reflection of these same tastes.  Maybe being comfortable is more important to you than a luxurious look, or maybe you like to create cool combinations of both styles.  Your favorite colors, textures, fabrics, silhouettes, and patterns that are already in your closet can easily translate to your home.

Here are some inspirational ways fashion and interiors have intersected:

Ethan Allen "Muse" magazine

This luxurious pearl and bead embellished pillow from Ethan Allen borrows inspiration from Balmain's similar embellished styles:

Balmain and Balmain x H&M, vogue.comcuratedbykena.comelleuk.com 

I think the pillows would look great as a glam accent in a more casual room.  It always looks great to mix high and low items!

Next, is one of my personal favorite designers, Mara Hoffman, who is known for her bold, mystic prints and swimsuit designs.  She currently has a collaboration with Anthropologie and has done a home line with the fashion and housewares retailer.  I love how Hoffman transitions her unique vision from clothes to home.

marahoffman.com, Anthropologie x Mara Hoffman swim, anthropologie.com

Anthropologie x Mara Hoffman home (2014), styleblazer.comrefinery29.com

Last but not least, we have Coco Chanel.  Awhile ago I watched "Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" (2009).  While the film was interesting, what really captivated me was the home where the majority of the movie takes place - Coco Chanel's villa, Bel Respiro, in the Paris suburb Garches.  I loved the lavish art deco design, bold geometric shapes, striking patterns, and all the black and white.


Isn't it convenient how fashion and interior design interplay with each other? Next time you need inspiration for your new home project, just take a look inside your closet, favorite fashion magazine, or website! You'll be sure to find something that you can make a part of your living space with a little creativity and vision :).