17 November 2014

Spicing up this bachelor pad

This was one of my favorite projects. Not only because it is such a dramatic before and after, but also because my client was so fun and adventurous! He was always on board to try something funky. Take a little step by step look at everything we accomplished. So much fun! :)

He had just moved in here and knew that his home had potential. Notice the boring wall color, dated light fixture and strange chair rail.

Potential town! Love a bump out! :)

What will become the dining area...

The color palette I presented him with.

Things getting messy in the brainstorming process!

Proud client with his mood board! :)

The moodboard! (We ended up swapping out black accents for a neutral gray instead.)

The floorplan to scale.

Now we're getting moving! Some fun color added to the walls. :) We were able to go bold and made such a large impact with color alone!

Things are starting to filter in.

Piece by piece.

Hanging curtains!

Always a little hectic before the room is beautiful. :)

New light fixture!

And here is the finished product!! 

I love a vignette shot. :)

The dining room is so much better.

That Mitchell Gold chair was the inspiration for the rest of the room. :)

Enjoying the new space.

I think he likes it! :)

Before | After

So yes, that was a very long entry today! I am just ecstatic to be able to share the process, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the final product. Let me know what you think too! 

12 November 2014

Timothy Paul Bedding + Home

Just found out about this sale, and wanted to spread the word. You can't miss it. They are original and usually pricey (because of their high quality) rugs at a super discount warehouse sale. Tim is a friend and told me that they just have too much stock and need to get rid of some inventory. I highly recommend people take the trip and check it out. They're not advertising it, except to their client list serve, and today and tomorrow I believe it is only available to designers, however all weekend it is open to the public. Maybe I'll see you there! :) Here's all the info!

Timothy Paul Warehouse
2808 D Merrilee Drive, 
Fairfax, VA 22031

(just outside the beltway)

November 12th, 10 - 6 DESIGNER PREVIEW (RSVP only)
November 13th, 10 - 6
November 14th, 10 - 8

November 15th, 10 - 8
November 16th, 11 - 4

**Merchandise is FINAL sale. Customers are encouraged to take sold carpets at the time of purchase. Delivery is an additional cost, and will be scheduled after 11/18/14. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card.