06 November 2013

Is it Weird to Send Pics of Me Hugging Your Rug?

West Elm is really proving to have some quality interesting pieces at an affordable price. This rug is only $499 in the 5x8 and there's usually some kind of discount going on as well. So cute! And it's cozy too. It works perfectly for a client to cozy up her NYC apartment with slate floors. Layering it with another thin rug on the bottom adds some extra charm. :)

03 November 2013

If you need Fabric, I'm your Gal!

I have accounts with Fabricut and Carole Fabrics now! My home office is decked out with fabric books and I can now create color combinations and palettes with fabrics at home!!! It's a decorating haven. I have a ton of cool options for upholstery, draperies, or bedding. I love custom! (And I swear I'm not keeping them in my trunk anymore. :)

01 November 2013

A Cozy Combo

Did a room for a client in this palette. We worked around her brown sofa and brought in her favorite colors- deep yellow and teal!