23 January 2019

Paintings and Porches and Puppies, Oh My!

A few of you have been asking about the "imigongo" style mural behind the bed in The Art House Airbnb space. I thought I'd take this opportunity to go back and show a detailed look at that painting and how I did it! Take a look:

I started with my chosen paint colors...

Then I nailed canvas into the wall, in case I'd want to keep the "mural" when I was all done! ;)

The whole Art House was pretty bare. All I knew is I wanted to make that mural first. The rest would follow!

I pressed into the canvas to adhere it to the wall and I was all set to paint!

I started off drawing the design on a small piece of paper, and then free-handed it onto the wall, making any additions or edits I wanted as I went.

I colored it in, from the top to the bottom, color by color.

By the end of the night, I had the color blocking done!

There she was, greeting me the next morning! 

Then I detailed by adding the black edges, starting on the bottom right. 

It took all day...

I spent the whole last day evening out colors all the way to the edges, and adding coats of paint...

Ta daaaaa! This photo is with the bed added, and temporary curtains.

We then slowly added some furniture to the kitchen too. This shot was taken before any art was hung, or the tiles were replaced.

Rearranging and designing to perfection!

Then all the furniture was in, the curtains were in place, and it was ready to go! (You remember the finished photos from last week's blog here.)

Meanwhile in the front porch of the Main House...
It was the very last room we worked on, and I have no idea why! I LOVE being outside on the front porch. I started by getting these sheer curtains made and hung. Nothing says relaxation like a breezy white outdoor curtain, in my opinion.

Then I made this modern outdoor sofa... which works perfectly!

And I think every porch needs a rocker. Even if it's modern. And especially if it's for 2.

Much family time is had out here. (The coffee table was also added!)

New rug, same chandelier! 

And this is where we'll leave you! The final pics of our main house, including the porch, are coming soon. So stay tuned!! And thanks again for reading.


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