24 February 2013

Thrift Shop Vignettes

I LOVE shopping at Goodwill. I love it. There's nothing better than digging around and scrounging up the most random, coolest beautiful lost little object that makes you so happy, and bonus- only costs $2! Everything is one of a kind too. It is always fabulous.

Each piece in this little vignette was probably around $5 (I don't even remember anymore) and found at Goodwill. When arranged in the right way, it's really true- one man's trash is another man's treasure!

14 February 2013

A stop at the Arlington Arts Center

 This was a cool exhibit. You fill a bag with pellets, tie it, and can rearrange the sculpture any way you choose. So it is constantly changing with each person that comes to the exhibit. Very interactive, I liked it.
 This room was empty except for these black tape line-images on the walls. I thought it looked interesting!


One afternoon spent organizing and redecorating all of the things that my sister and brother in law have in their built-ins. End result, pretty cute!

12 February 2013

So, I'm an Interior Designer now...

Yeah! I got a job as an interior design consultant and sales professional with Thomasville! I can't believe it! I had my second interview this morning, and got the offer this afternoon! The interview was really fun! It was the design test. I got to walk around the showroom, testing out couches, pulling fabrics for upholstering sofas and making custom drapes, and I had to cater to the style of a fake couple's cozy, warm, neutral style. I made sketches, made a space plan to scale, proposed each piece, sticking in their 8-12K budget guidelines, and made my presentation in 2 hours! It felt like a reality show design competition. :) I'll take pictures of my floorplan when I get back to Thomasville so I can post here. Woohoo!!! :):):)

05 February 2013

NYC Sublet

I'm sure these pictures don't do it justice, but this is where I sublet an apartment in Brooklyn when I was living there over the summer. These guys (one of whom did Peace Corps Dominican) have traveled everywhere. And they have their apartment to prove it. They are best friends who had been living there for the past 5 years, collecting cool things from around the world and making funky furniture and lighting fixtures out of it! I don't necessarily share their whole style, but I totally appreciate their unique talent! And I loved living there!!

The coffee table has a glass top covering a scene with figures in sand in the bottom of a trunk. The top of the trunk is chained to the ceiling with recessed lighting installed in it as a cool fixture. Records and posters cover the wall on the left.

This was my favorite part. The long hallway was accentuated by cut wood boards installed a little lower than the ceiling. The light shown through the hallway in cool patterns! It was great! You can barely see, but they also had a robot guy on the wall made out of old computer parts, bike pieces, and even metal braces that once lived in one of the inhabitant's spine!

This picture doesn't capture their huge map of NYC on the right wall, nor the multicolored glass light fixtures on the ceiling. I need to work on my photography skills!
Oh, maybe the kitchen was my favorite! They decoupaged the entire set of cabinets! Once again, wish I had a close up! The accent wall was red and had another framed world map with pins placed where they had traveled to, and thread from the pin leading to a cool picture from that place. Very interesting!

This was my room! The bright blue walls were fun! I could just sit and stare at the room for hours. Up until the day I moved out I was still discovering new cool things in the room!

Forrest's Story

A while back I went with my friend Sarah (who is an outstanding OT, :( now living in Miami) to her patient's home in Virginia. I had no idea what to expect, but what a warm feeling I got, stepping into that house. Forrest had a serious snowboarding accident in 2011 and suffered from brain trauma and 2 broken vertebrae.  It is amazing what can be done with a LOT of love and perseverance. From the time we visited in summer 2012 until today visiting his blog- www.forreststoneallen.blogspot.com he has gone through a TREMENDOUS amount of progress. Forrest is now walking up stairs, laughing, dancing, speaking! Even playing beer pong! It is no wonder with the love and support of his family and friends, not to mention all the caring and talented specialists, like Sarah, who pushed on even in rough times. Forrest is in great hands.

His parents, Rae and Kent, are simply amazing people. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to see your son go through this, and yet every day they encourage Forrest with huge smiles on their faces. Because of their big genuine hearts, hard work, and fantastic support network, Forrest has come so far. I only stayed over for one day, and I could see this immediately.

Rae and Kent hosted us for dinner, and let us ride around their property on 4-wheelers! Before leaving, Rae let me snap a few pictures of her beautiful home. I think that warm feeling is captured even in these pictures of the house, but if you would like to read more on Team Forrest, and what beautiful things can happen with a strong support system and serious dedication, check out his blog. You will be blown away!

Thanks Sarah for inviting me to peek in on what you do. Such important and special work.

02 February 2013

Series of Entries all entered at once

I am finally figuring out- piece by piece- how computers and internet work! Ha. I moved back to the States a year ago after living in Tanzania forever and I'll blame that for why I am so behind my generation on basic social-media knowledge. Since that year of being home, I bought my first smart phone, (changed my life) revamped my entire wardrobe from dirty long skirts with holes in them and the same three shirts worn on rotation to a bit classier style (just a bit- I'm still a hippy at heart) and I've increased the weekly number of showers I take exponentially! (I may or may not still take Sundays off...)

Now that I'm slowly but surely getting up to speed on all this stuff, I figure it is a good time to turn all those pictures, ideas, and journal entries that I have collected over the year into sequential blog entries. So if you are subscribed to my RSS, for the next week or so, get ready for your email to start blowin' up!