04 August 2008


I'm currently in Mafinga. we just got off the bus, and are staying here overnight before we get to Mafinga, the village that this volunteer lives in! Kikwete the pres is supposed to be speaking, so we might see him at some point. we stayed in morogoro the last 2 nights, and had a lot of fun!... we got to shop at a real grocery store!.. i got to eat ice cream, and bought doritoes and a twix!.... so much fun!... and we went to this bar and got pizza for dinner!!!... the other night we all did kareoke and hung out at this other bar, and the next morning i had only the 3rd hangover ive ever had in my life! So anyways... now that were done in class, i havent been learning swahili every day, and it feels weird.. we are spending this week shadowing a volunteer, Ross, so im really excited to see how he lives, and his work and everything.... and then after a week of shadowing, we go to dar es salaam, where im going to try to buy a new digital camera, and where we hear our site announcements!!... i still dont know yet where they\'re going to place me for the next 2 years, so im really excited to find out where, and which other volunteers ill be around... then we move back to our home stays in kilosa for 3 more days. im making my family a story book about them in swahili, and im going to give it to them as a thank you gift... im really going to miss my family a lot... then we all 46 move in to the place in ilonga, for 3 days, and then we get dropped off for our site!.. im def scared.. but it will be so much fun to have my own house, and scope out the new village.. (em that was for you :)).. alright,,, thas all for now!... miss everyone!!