15 November 2008

long time no blog

Geneseo kitten- mimi siyo mlevi!!!! napenda kusherekea tu :) Una miaka mingapi?? Wasalimia wote. Au wewe na bibi wa AKPhi mkitaka kunisaidia, nipo, na nitapanga shughuli nyingi katika kituo cha afya, hospitalini, shuleni, na yatima. Kitu chechote kitaweza kusaidia! Asanteni :)

So i have furniture now!!!! that is exciting. Also, yesterday there was a funeral for a member of parliament, but it was at MY little village. The president of tz came! i took pics of him. i have a camera now finally!!.. just takes forever to dl onto comp. i went to a funeral for my neighbors mother the other day, it was really sad. all the women sit inside to cry, and some women sing as loud as they can so that ppl cant hear that they are crying. and the men all stand outside. i also went to a send off party, which is the day before the wedding.. theres lots of good food, and dancing, that was fun. the bride to be, walks around all sad and dramatic, and then goes into the 'audience' until she finds her husband who is sitting with everyone, n then she brings him up to the front with her. emilie and barden bought their tickets and theyre planning their visit for me! i cant wait for that!.. lots of planning lately. weve been having lots of meetings with diff important ppl lately, its been kind of hectic.... im really bad at blogging.. so maybe ill just post a picture!
this is us watching the elections. they were showing it at the local hospital. YAAYYYY OBAMA!!!!! also- if anyone has any interest in helping to fund different projects i will be starting in africa, PLEASE email me. I will be working with aids education, trying to build a water pump, so ppl dont have to hike down a mnt with babies on their backs and 20liter buckets on their heads, orphans, and general education in schools! Thanks everyone!!!! MISS YOU ALLL!!!!