27 October 2015


When my 7 year old nephew, Jack, was only about 1, he had a hard time pronouncing my name, Aunt Teri. Jack, the innovative little boy he is, then decided he would work with what he had, and he'd call me TT instead. Fast forward 6 years later, and now Jack, his little brother Luke, his parents, my parents and sister, friends, anyone I’ve met through them, and basically all of Arlington, affectionately call me TT as well.

About a year ago when I started bringing my boyfriend Patrick around to meet the boys, they quickly decided his name was too long too. I’d say the first meeting of the family went pretty well when Luke, then 3 years old, immediately coined us with the couple-name, ‘TTPats.’ And surprise, surprise! That stuck too.

Now that you know the history of how TTPats came about, we can move on with the story... ;) Come December, Pats will be moving in!! It will be a slow process, but we will try to turn my super femme, shabby pink girl-pad into our gender-neutral adult apartment that is a space both TT and Pats can call home. Which may be hard considering we have the exact opposite taste in everything! (More on that in the next entry, where I give Patrick a style analysis… dun dun dun.)

For now I am enjoying the last 2 months of my woman-cave and preparing to say goodbye to pillows. I’m actually really excited, and can’t stop thinking about all of my ideas to make this place fresh and new. And also to clear some space for a 6’3” man who likes to spread out. :) Stay tuned!