16 January 2019

The Art House

Hey everyone! I'm SO excited to finally share the finished product photos for The Art House, our small backyard house-turned-Airbnb!! (Click here to see the live listing on Airbnb!)

We chose the house we're in, almost solely because of this small separated house in the back. We asked if we could renovate it- like REALLY renovate it- and the landlords seemed positive. But it was a risk! (Read how we decided here on the blog.)

We tore down the interior walls and renovated the space in May 2018. (You can see the photos of the the whole process, and all the before photos in this blog entry.)

Since then, I have been designing and filling it in to be the comfortable rental studio (equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, work area, and bedroom) that it is today! ;) What a process! Please enjoy the big reveal of The Art House and all the love we put into it!


Living Room 


Work Area 


The Art House Exterior

We're so happy with how it turned out!! The Art House is now filled with style and energy. It also doubles as my personal art studio when we don't have guests- Bonus! I wanted to maintain a colorful hip vibe in there, and the outcome feels bright and contemporary, homey yet unique. 

You can go through the blog to see all the blood sweat and tears that went into it, but I'll leave you with a few gems of how it used to look when we moved in below too:



Living Room/Bedroom 


I better stop with the Befores, I'm getting anxiety! ;) It has been so fun to transform this space, and now we can't wait to welcome more guests to our little studio guest house in Kimihurura! Please think of us for your future visits/visitors to Rwanda! :) And for more After pictures or to make a booking, find us here: The Art House

Thanks so much for reading!


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