19 December 2018

Quick and Easy

The Guest Room

It was really easy to forget about the bedrooms through the hallway. We weren't renovating them, we were keeping the floors the same and the walls were just white. They were 3 simple rooms and not the highest on my priority list, considering the magnitude of the main area and all of the work that that needed! But after looking at it this way for so long, and basically using it as a huge walk in closet, I wanted to get organized, and more importantly, I was in the mood to make a mural. :)

This is how the guest bedroom looked when we moved in.

First I took the old curtain rod down and had a wooden curtain rod made. 

Then the mural began! I wanted to do something very bohemian, light, and resembling a layered watercolor.

I added the circles

Some yellow

And some burnt orange and purple! (night-time painting lends for bad progress photos)

But by morning it looked pretty good!!

The next night I added some white geometric print and LOVE how it turned out!

These shots don't do it justice!

But again by morning- pretty good! I got the boho platform bed, and not much else for furniture. It's a pretty small room.

But I did want to make hanging shelves!! 

I added a ton of plants, a signature NAFASI towel ladder, some layered rugs, and a floor lamp! Check out how it turned out!! 

I really love it!! It has such a different feel from the rest of the house. It has a ton of natural light, and the colors are so calming. Sometimes Patrick and I go in there to just watch a movie and be in a new space. 

Projects through NAFASI can be as simple as new paint, furniture, and accessories in a design plan. If you're just looking to refresh your room without a whole construction project, this is definitely the more affordable option.  So if you're local let me know if you'd like a consultation or a room refresh. And if you're not- let me know if you'd like to come visit us in Kigali and stay in our beautiful guest room!!! Thanks for reading!


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