02 February 2018

DC Master Bathroom Reno all the way from rural Rwanda!

So E-design has been where it's at for me lately! Besides working on my own house, I have been having some fun working on homes across the US from my little bungalow on the equator as well. I've worked on a few small projects, but my biggest and most exciting one is a past client's Master Bathroom in VA. I had worked on Michelle & Jeff's kitchen and living room previously, and when they wrote needing help with the bathroom, I was thrilled. 

Their kitchen and living room were a simple fix; With color consultations, ideas, and a few accessory shopping trips, we kept most of the furniture and layout the same. They just needed a re-fresh. But what an improvement! 

The Kitchen Before:

After the consultation, accessorizing, hardware and paint selection:

We are working on the backsplash and custom hood in there next! 

The Living Room Before:

And After:

Just some small adjustments, furniture placement, accessorizing, and fresh paint on the walls to get a brand new, contemporary living room! One of my favorite small tips from this consultation was a simple removal of the curly decorative metal at the base of the wall sconces. It made them like new!

The bathroom remodel was not going to be so simple however! I was excited to take on this new e-design project, and after working with Michelle & Jeff in other areas of their home, I already knew their family's style and I knew they would want to have some fun with this bathroom! The plan is for these two to move into the downstairs Master Bedroom of their house from the upstairs one, and it needed a bigggg facelift before they would make the switch. Check out some before pictures:

I started first on the bathroom. What a fun project! We're gutting everything and starting fresh. It will be such a transformation. Tune in to the next blog to see the plans and exactly how we're going to turn this bathroom into something fabulous and very 2018!