14 August 2014

How to Choose Color

Clients are most frequently asking me for color consultations at our design sessions. Paint is one of the simplest and best changes to make for a home makeover. But colors are shown in so many different ways- on a computer screen, on a swatch, painted on a section of wall, and it can get tricky. I have some techniques to avoid the frustration. 

For the full 'How To,' read my guest blog, COLOR GAMES, that I wrote for the Washington Post's Apartment Showcase blog!


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04 August 2014

Love at First Sight Design

There is a lot of psychology behind why we all like what we do, based on our experiences and memories, among other things. No two people would create the exact same home, yet we do all share the same goal to simply feel good there.

For the full love story, read my guest blog, FOR THE LOVE OF INTERIOR DESIGN, that I wrote for the Washington Post's Apartment Showcase blog!


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01 August 2014

Genevieve Gorder is my Inspiration.

This was one of the best experiences I have had in my professional life. I literally love EVERYTHING this woman does in this field... Not to mention her eloquent and relatable description of interior design. She is a true poet and a mentor through the glass of a TV screen. So you can imagine how excited I was to walk around the same event as her when Genevieve Gorder came to Belfort Furniture to promote HGTV's furniture collection. I was in the front row- and I swear we made eye contact!! ;) The majority of the crowd was homeowners looking for advice and tips. I just went to be in awe. I did get the opportunity to ask a question, "How do you feel about mixing metals?" (Which I already anticipated her response because it seems like she always answers the way that I think, and wish I could articulate as well as she can!) Of course her answer was Yes! Do it! Always! And I agree. There are no rules in this interior design world- or there are, but it's very okay to stretch them, especially as the times they are a changin'. Challenge your aesthetic, mix the things you love so they compliment each other, and your space, and you! What a great time this was, seeing her in person. Total celebrity girl crush! :)