17 December 2013

My Logo!

It's been all over the place, through different color palettes, designs, fonts, and backgrounds. But finally it has been decided. The logo for NAFASI isssssss:

I love it! It's clean, and fresh. It still has an eclectic, tribal appeal, but it's lighter now with the new color scheme. Lots of white. Navy, black, pops of coral, and accents in gold. Now picture my office in these colors... :)

To see the evolution of NAFASI's logo, and other business cards, letterhead, etc, check out the pictures below:

Until finally....

16 December 2013

Ikat just makes People Happy.

What a good combo! The dark gray sofa, pillows in the cable knit white and tribal red and white fabric, wall color is in that pale blue/grey and 2 side chairs in the show stopper ikat fabric. I love it. :)