09 November 2015

Pats Gets A Style Analysis!

My style is pretty all-encompassing. It’s great for working with new clients all the time with unique tastes and all different ideas. It’s not so great when I’m working on my own home. It’s so hard to decide which direction to go with my own design. For clients, I can pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for, but for me… it is a major challenge.

Ultimately I usually land on something bright and colorful, with a lot of pattern and texture. Something dramatic. But I’ve done that. My apartment now is such an eclectic nest of layers and soft scaping, little vignettes and feminine touches. So where do I go from here?

Well, I figure I always give my clients a style analysis before we delve into any home project, and it should be no different for my own home! Although since I have so many styles and so many directions that I could potentially go, I thought the best route would be to see what Patrick likes, and work with his style!

The analysis involves going through a bunch of pictures of homes and figuring out which ones he likes, which ones he hates, and why. It’s a super fun process, and almost therapeutic for clients. It’s also very telling. As it turns out, I had NO idea what Patrick's style was before! And that’s probably because his is the exact opposite of mine! :)

He seemed to like everything that I wasn’t crazy about, or at least as familiar with. While my favorite room was this one:

Patrick’s favorite room was this one:

Not much in common! This is proving to be a little harder than expected. But I said I would go with his style, and so I’m going to go with his style… just in my way. :)