29 July 2017

That bathroom again...

These are by NO means final pictures, BUT I've been getting requests to see how it has turned out! So right now this is the state of our bathroom which is a temple :)

We received the apothecary from Gervais! We're still waiting on label handles from the US :)

Really happy with how the floors turned out!!!

We have candles all over and take spa showers! 

That towel ladder is my #1 fav. Thank you again Jean Baptiste!

Still have to get the right light fixture moved to the left!! 

The retiled shower! We also have big plans to turn that partition wall into a live wall with plants growing down it! And there will be a chandelier from the US hanging right in the center. 

The bathroom is so close! It feels pretty done and luxurious already though. :) Just for old time's sake, let's check out how it used to look... (Or see it on this blog post, "Our Bathroom Is Like A Temple.")

Don't miss it!