07 July 2017

"Our Bathroom is Like a Temple"

The best compliment ever! This is what Patrick said before we even completed the bathroom! You won't get to see final product pictures just yet, because after it was all set up and almost finished, we started re-tiling the floor and had to remove everything again. You'll get the idea though!

Just a reminder- here's what the bathroom looked like when we moved in:

She's a beaut! So all that tile on the walls, had to go. Luckily they had great matte charcoal gray tiles leftover in storage!! A while ago they got to work removing those and tiling as much as they could until they ran out of the gray tiles. 

They cleared out all the junk, and we really loved how the walls looked!! 

I didn't really get a good shot of the shower after they finished, but you can see the tiles in this shot of the bathroom shelf we made. (We later added a towel bar at the bottom of the shelf too!)

You can see in this picture the old light fixture above the sink and to the right (So not centered at all.)

If you remember the the last blog I wrote, I picked up some sconces in a great lighting store in Uganda while we were traveling, with intentions to replace the old bathroom light. Here you can see where the electrician wired out from the old light to the spot I wanted to place the 2 new lights! 

Unfortunately they're still not totally centered. (They did this while we were traveling) But I think they will dig up the wall again to re-center the right one. Then we added the curtains which makes a world of difference. I wanted to mount the curtain rod high above the window. The curtains are super long, and they pool at the floor. They are really nice thick linen, that we repurposed from other windows in the house and sewed the old curtains together to make this long pair of new beautiful curtains. The problem? The water heater was in the way. I've been wanting to move it outside anyways (still on my wishlist) but they did say we could take it down, mount the curtain rod and then replace it. (Win!)

That turned out to be a huge task. The heater took 4 guys to lift!! I'm so glad it worked though. The lights are up. The curtains are up. The mirror is framed. We have shelves...

Now let's bring it back to square one and rip out all the floor tiles!!! 

Had to remove the toilet.

It went temporarily to the shower! (But hey, check out those new shower wall tiles!)

And now there it's back! And those new clay floor tiles! Mmmm!

This is as far as we are up to today! They should be done by tomorrow. Do you get the vibe in there though? I keep calling it whispering. Everything is soft and natural, and clean. It feels so much bigger too! And with the change of light fixtures, I switched the bulbs too. No more florescent. Now it's just warm and candlelit. Patrick put a plant on the partition wall that could not be more perfect. Then we just have to wait for the apothecary to arrive, and we could have the first completed room of the house!! Stay tuned, next I want to show you our deck! :)