31 July 2017

All the Finishing Touches

In these last winding weeks until I leave my work-in-progress home to go to the US for a month to prep for our wedding and visit with friends and family, I felt the urge to get everything as completed as possible. This included painting our curtains in a mud cloth print...

Straight lines!

Paint shirt

Paint on fabric? Yes!

Dying!<3 p="">


There they are in the kitchen! (Hung the art too!)

Painting our cabinetry navy blue...

So good

Dry faster!

Making paint touch-ups on all the door and window frames to get straighter lines...

A thankless job. Incredibly tedious and difficult. Plus it ruined my manicure. ;)

And painting our boring doorway into such a cool archway that enhances the nice ceiling height. 

Not entirely sure about the cross. I may paint over it. What do you think?

Our house is so bright and colorful and getting more and more character. It is really exciting!! I can't believe my visualization boards are actually coming to life here! I had doubts that it would happen with thoughts of potential obstacles, but now it's full speed ahead. Next up, I'm headed to the US where I will get the light fixtures, rugs, and other things to add an extra layer of style and detail. And then I think I'm done! What to do next?!?!?!?