12 June 2017

Get Ready To Love This Visualization Board

It's time to show off the big plan! I've been so excited to share this! Getting this together really lit a fire in the whole project for me. When I have something more tangible to look at as an end goal, it really motivates me to move on each piece of building my home. Now that I can totally imagine how I want our home to be, I don't feel like waiting to live in it! I want to make moves and get it done. :)

I also find it very helpful as a designer to treat myself like how I treat all of my clients. Otherwise, it is very easy to get lost in the millions of design directions I could go. I like to nail down one direction, set the plan, and implement it through and through. So yes- I made myself my own visualization boards! :)

The inspiration for the kitchen came first, I think because it was in the most need. I knew I wanted to have fun with this kitchen and make it colorful (even though that's not necessarily what Patrick would want) because one day we'll live in the same house for years and years, and I'll probably make that one more neutral. For now- why not make it young like we are!? And now we're in Rwanda, what better place to express color?! The backsplash is black because that's what they already had in storage for us, and I also love it! So that's where I started. Here's where I ended!

How great will this be!? Blue cabinetry! We have off-white curtains and the thought is to paint them like mud cloth. Pops of more colors on our open shelves, and a pink rug in the kitchen!? Yes. Please let me know your thoughts! I'm wondering if I can actually pull this off here. :)