30 July 2017

Furniture's In!

I was extremely ecstatic to get our floors painted, and I cannot believe how good they look, and how unique our home now is. :) Once they were sufficiently dried, we were able to bring all of our stuff back in and set up our home! 

While we were gone waiting for the floors to dry with our things on the front deck and hoping for draught, the rest of our larger furniture also arrived from Kigali! ...and sat on our deck outside for a weekend... BUT! We got it! Here is how the house is looking...

Our Island! With the modern black metal stools! And shiny black floors! And Patrick using it just as intended :) 

Our extra long, extra deep, extra big sofa (at Patrick's request!) It does smell a bit like skunk maybe from being outside that whole time... Anyone know how to get that out? Anyone know if there are skunks in Rwanda? 

A few weeks prior Patrick and I went to Kigali to talk with Gervais, the carpenter who made our sofa, island, apothecary, and bathroom cabinet. We wanted to make sure he was understanding my drawings and everything was good. For the most part, it was! We mostly discussed couch cushions and the intricacies of the apothecary.  This is where he works. This place had hundreds of carpenters, all with their own space under a huge roof. 


Then later Jean Baptiste came over again to finish the last few items on our list. Including our third open shelf in the kitchen!

And there you have them!! 

It's really coming together! I'll leave you with a few cuddle shots of the dogs that live here in Rubengera. Enjoy! :)

Me + Keza 

Me + Eleanor 

Patrick + Eleanor

Me + Buster

Much Love,