29 June 2016

Adventures in Antique Row

Hi everyone!

A couple weeks ago the NAFASI team took a field trip to Antique Row in Kensington, MD.  Antique Row is literally that - a row of antique shops!  It's the largest and oldest center of antiques in the DC/metropolitan area.  If you're ever in the market for that special antique or are just looking to spend a relaxing afternoon browsing old treasures, definitely visit Antique Row!  I suggest checking what times the stores open - we went on a Sunday around 11, and all the stores were closed as they open at 12 on Sundays!  So we went for a stroll around the block and picked up some yummy sandwiches at a nearby deli while we waited.  The area has a lot of cute restaurants that would be perfect for a date night.

We started shopping on the block we wandered to while we were waiting for the Antique Row shops to open.  Capital Consignment was our first stop:

We found that adorable wicker elephant table you've been looking for!!  I can see him guarding the foyer in your house! 

They had lots of super cool art.  After Capital Consignment, we made our way back to Antique Row.  The shops were open and we decided to start at the beginning of the row with Antique Market II.

Chandeliers!!  The sapphire accented one is so pretty!

I think these antique jeweled brushes might be every girl's dream.  

There were a ton of amazing finds!  Lots of jewelry and little knick knacks as well as a good selection of antique furniture. 

Next stop was Mobler at Kensington.  If you're looking for mid-century modern furniture pieces then this is absolutely where you need to go!  Of all the stores we visited it had the most definitive focus on furniture and on one particular style. 

It looks like we visited the set of 'Mad Men'!  After Mobler, we checked out Sage Consignment.  It was super funky with a lot of crazy items!

You might recognize this life-size Barbie from our Instagram and Facebook.  She's one of ten 35th anniversary edition Barbies ever made!  The store owner told us she and Woody (pictured below) have a heated, on-again, off-again relationship.  I hope Barbie didn't see Teri and Woody getting cozy!!   

Next we checked out HomeWorks, an extremely adorable store that had a few furniture pieces and a lot of giftable items. 

Why yes, I was extremely delighted by the miniature farm animal novelty soaps!  They're just too cute!

The last stop on our Antique Row tour was Goldsborough Glynn.  This was a really nice shop and they even gave us complimentary lemonade while we browsed.  They had furniture, art, and a beautiful collection of jewelry.

Crystal bottle stoppers (above) and cufflink earrings (below).  

We really loved these typewriter key bracelets!  

That's all folks!  We had so much fun visiting Antique Row and seeing all the vintage treasures!  Check back soon for NAFASI's next adventure!