14 December 2017

One More Glitch

...Before I get to the final house pictures. But this one's a doozy...

Yeah that third shelf fell. I tried putting a big beautiful plant with a clay pot up there. It looked beautiful! For about 1 hour. The shelves even with anchors can't hold very much weight in old cement walls. It ripped out huge holes in the walls where the brackets were and dirt and pieces of pottery were all over the floor. It was so sad!

The good news here- the maintenance team came and fixed it all immediately! Before I knew it holes were patched, the mess was cleaned, and by the next week the bracket was back up and I had painted over the new cement. The only down side is we had to move the shelves higher than their old placement to drill into a more solid part of wall, and the 2nd and 3rd shelves are now a little too tall to reach. Patrick's having an OK time with it though at least!

While we're on the topic, another fumble occurred in our bathroom. The best part about having a finished house is hosting parties, which we both love to do! So during one party, a light fixture that I got in Uganda broke and we were left with just one. (See the blog about the light here!) It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I found Itara Lampshades made locally right in Kigali! Talia, the owner, worked with me to make my custom shades and have them delivered to me so quickly! And I love how they look on my Ugandan base sconces! (Which are actually 2 different shapes if you look closely! haha- I like the quirkiness though!) 

Check out how much cooler they look now!

I also made a vegan ;) leather ottoman...

And painted our closets in the bedroom. 

With a little fear of spilled paint (Which actually cleaned up ok!) And replacing the hardware... 

I put the Agate handles and other hardware from the States on the kitchen cabinetry and island also!

And added some magnets to make sure everything closed properly and stayed closed.

The light fixtures were all installed and the rugs went in, and at this point... Everything was finished!

Final pictures to come next! I can't wait! 


15 November 2017

More to do.. Plus a LOT of Nami

It has been quite a while, but yes, a designer's home is never done.... Actually that's not true. There's like 2 things left to do, and then I'm never touching a thing! 

The last blog I wrote, The Very Most Recent Up to Date State of Everything, showed the house almost complete. I needed to go to the US to pick up a few things (4 more suitcases full of light fixtures rugs, bedding, etc) and oh, also, by the way, Get Married! (!!!!!!) 

Exchanging rings and vows on the family farm, September 3, 2017
While the whole trip was about last minute wedding planning, cleaning out the farm, decorating the farm, gathering friends and family, and celebrating... I did manage to sneak in some time to get things for our house too, of course! We picked up 5 rugs to bring back. Actually, you can barely see it in the photo, but our kitchen rug was also used on the altar of our wedding too! It's pink and gray and white and tie-dye effect. Here it is at home now! 

You can kind of see it in the shot I took of Buster cooling off on the cement. It lives under the island in the kitchen. In that picture you can also see the brass handles I brought back to put on all of our cabinetry and island. We got this perfect blue rug as well!

CB2 rug. Beautiful dog.

Oh yes! And in other news- Nami lives with us again finally!!!!! Do you mind a tangent? Most of my photos are of her now, so...

Nami all fancy at the wedding in Iowa
Taking the wedding motorhome on the road!
The way to the airport. Luggage filled with rugs, and Nami
Together at last at the Rwanda Airport after the long flight!!!!
Nami getting used to her new view... and her new friend Buster

Nami smooches from her new porch

Nami snuggles
Nami protecting us from, whatever

Our most common activity
Diggin' holes wherever she pleases.

Nami hiking...
Nami in the banana forest...
Nami in a canoe.

She's basically got the doggy dream life. Whew, that was a lot! Can we come back from that? Should I just end here? Is there room for anything more?! I had all these other house fixes to mention.... 

Next time!


02 August 2017

The Very Most Recent, Up To Date State of Everything.

There's still a little ways to go with bringing pieces back from the US, making some fixes to doors and lights, and making a few more custom pieces, but right now the house feels pretty darn good! This is the latest tour of our house before I leave for home. Enjoy!


Take a seat! 

Come on in to the kitchen if you'd like...

Sit back, we'll cook you up somethin'! 

Bathroom's this way if you need it!

Just take in the view. :)

Thanks! Come again! 

And now I'm off for D.C...

Bye Rwanda!! I'll miss you. See you next time as a Mrs.! :):)


31 July 2017

All the Finishing Touches

In these last winding weeks until I leave my work-in-progress home to go to the US for a month to prep for our wedding and visit with friends and family, I felt the urge to get everything as completed as possible. This included painting our curtains in a mud cloth print...

Straight lines!

Paint shirt

Paint on fabric? Yes!

Dying!<3 p="">


There they are in the kitchen! (Hung the art too!)

Painting our cabinetry navy blue...

So good

Dry faster!

Making paint touch-ups on all the door and window frames to get straighter lines...

A thankless job. Incredibly tedious and difficult. Plus it ruined my manicure. ;)

And painting our boring doorway into such a cool archway that enhances the nice ceiling height. 

Not entirely sure about the cross. I may paint over it. What do you think?

Our house is so bright and colorful and getting more and more character. It is really exciting!! I can't believe my visualization boards are actually coming to life here! I had doubts that it would happen with thoughts of potential obstacles, but now it's full speed ahead. Next up, I'm headed to the US where I will get the light fixtures, rugs, and other things to add an extra layer of style and detail. And then I think I'm done! What to do next?!?!?!?