23 December 2015

Second Annual #LikeABossParty. WHAT A Success!!

What a great way to spread the love around the holidays! Our #LikeABossParty was a reason not only to celebrate the season, but most importantly to celebrate the amazing work of so many talented women in the D.C. community. We had interior designers, artists, bloggers, event planners, and so many other right-brained entrepreneurs and creatives come together and just spread happiness and support for each other. (Here's a link to last year's event!)

All Photos by: Laura Metzler

It feels awesome to be a part of this community, and we were so happy to host for the second year! This year, Kerra Michelle Huerta and Mariella Cruzado joined forces with me and Shannon Smith, and we pulled together something so special by putting our minds together! We are just hoping for this to keep growing. Here's to next year's party!

A HUGE Thank you!!!!!!! to all of the sponsors and vendors who participated in this year's #LikeABossParty. NO chance we could have done any of this without you. It was so fun to work on this project with all of these women. Check out who they are and links to their pages in the captions! The photo cred for every shot goes to the very talented Laura Metzler, and the event was held at The Loft at 600 F. We appreciate the support from you both! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! And Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!!

Check out the venue! It was SO pretty!

The beautiful floral arrangements and wreath demo were provided by: Liza Boukard of Studio DBI

Heirloom Catering & Event Design Contributed all of the delicious hors d'oeuvres 

Signature drinks were provided by: True Syrups & Garnishes

Some fun Photo Booth pics in front of Mintwood Home's custom Backdrop for us

Us holding Stephanie Shives Studio's balloons!

We decorated with pillows from West Elm and Box of Chic giveaways and signups were provided!

 Minted provided the art, and Framebridge framed it!  

And now for the party pics!!!!.... 


09 November 2015

Pats Gets A Style Analysis!

My style is pretty all-encompassing. It’s great for working with new clients all the time with unique tastes and all different ideas. It’s not so great when I’m working on my own home. It’s so hard to decide which direction to go with my own design. For clients, I can pinpoint exactly what they’re looking for, but for me… it is a major challenge.

Ultimately I usually land on something bright and colorful, with a lot of pattern and texture. Something dramatic. But I’ve done that. My apartment now is such an eclectic nest of layers and soft scaping, little vignettes and feminine touches. So where do I go from here?

Well, I figure I always give my clients a style analysis before we delve into any home project, and it should be no different for my own home! Although since I have so many styles and so many directions that I could potentially go, I thought the best route would be to see what Patrick likes, and work with his style!

The analysis involves going through a bunch of pictures of homes and figuring out which ones he likes, which ones he hates, and why. It’s a super fun process, and almost therapeutic for clients. It’s also very telling. As it turns out, I had NO idea what Patrick's style was before! And that’s probably because his is the exact opposite of mine! :)

He seemed to like everything that I wasn’t crazy about, or at least as familiar with. While my favorite room was this one:

Patrick’s favorite room was this one:

Not much in common! This is proving to be a little harder than expected. But I said I would go with his style, and so I’m going to go with his style… just in my way. :)

27 October 2015


When my 7 year old nephew, Jack, was only about 1, he had a hard time pronouncing my name, Aunt Teri. Jack, the innovative little boy he is, then decided he would work with what he had, and he'd call me TT instead. Fast forward 6 years later, and now Jack, his little brother Luke, his parents, my parents and sister, friends, anyone I’ve met through them, and basically all of Arlington, affectionately call me TT as well.

About a year ago when I started bringing my boyfriend Patrick around to meet the boys, they quickly decided his name was too long too. I’d say the first meeting of the family went pretty well when Luke, then 3 years old, immediately coined us with the couple-name, ‘TTPats.’ And surprise, surprise! That stuck too.

Now that you know the history of how TTPats came about, we can move on with the story... ;) Come December, Pats will be moving in!! It will be a slow process, but we will try to turn my super femme, shabby pink girl-pad into our gender-neutral adult apartment that is a space both TT and Pats can call home. Which may be hard considering we have the exact opposite taste in everything! (More on that in the next entry, where I give Patrick a style analysis… dun dun dun.)

For now I am enjoying the last 2 months of my woman-cave and preparing to say goodbye to pillows. I’m actually really excited, and can’t stop thinking about all of my ideas to make this place fresh and new. And also to clear some space for a 6’3” man who likes to spread out. :) Stay tuned!


17 April 2015

D.C. Loft Makeover for Busy Lawyers

In this design, my clients #1 priority was how to represent their personalities. They wanted to display their travels, and to showcase who they are as a couple inside their home. They wanted subdued color, a comfortable coffee table option, and an earthy aesthetic. As lawyers, their living room resembled a study almost. The process was fun, and the loft turned out perfect. 

For the full transformation, read my guest blog, THESE BUSY LAWYERS CALLED ON A DESIGNER FOR THEIR D.C. LOFT MAKEOVER, that I wrote for the Washington Post's Apartment Showcase blog!


Before& After
Mood Board

Living Room
 (William Yeung Photography)

 (William Yeung Photography)

(William Yeung Photography)

(William Yeung Photography)

17 March 2015

Jessica's Bedroom Redesign!

24 January 2015

How to Get Your Home Office Really Working

22 January 2015

A Few Holidays Later, and a Big Bad Boss Party to Show for it!

I have been out of touch on this blog for a little while, huh?! Well, I'm alive again and so excited to share with you what I've been doing!! First up- the Like A Boss Party!! 


Shannon Smith and I threw a holiday office party for local creative entrepreneurs who wouldn't otherwise have a traditional office space to party in. :) It was so fun, and actually doubled as a way to just gather all these local small businesses in this growing creative industry. The event was at the beautiful Timothy Paul Bedding and Home on 14th in DC. Thanks so much to Tim and Mia for letting us use their space!! So nice, check it out!!

Those amazing balloons were donated to us from Steph Shives Studio too!

D.C. has never typically been known for its art scene or creativity in a metropolis of politicians and government employees. Only recently has this young creative industry really began to flourish, and we are very excited to be a part of it. 

 (Photography for the night thanks to Abby Jiu)

Many of the guests included interior designers, fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and small business entrepreneurs. Many of us were women entrepreneurs as well. The venue, food, drink, flowers, professional photography, gift bags, and decorations were all contributed by local small business owners. It was just a huge group effort and collaboration that turned out to be so much fun!

TWO cases of this yummy wine was donated to us from  Great Frogs Winery in Annapolis, MD

These props by The Manic Moose were a hit for our Photo Booth!

#likeaboss gift totes were given to all of our guests, and made by Dream State Shop

They were filled with planners by Minted, and pens and notebooks by Poppin'

 Heller's Bakery gave us some of the yummiest cookies!!

And these bon bons are as delicious as they are beautiful. Thank you Jason Andelman of Artisan Confections

Liza of Studio DBI created some stunning bouquets for the night as well.

And they smelled good too!

Then we had a giveaway with this pillow contributed by Belquist

This necklace by Wrist Soiree, and a Faux Fur Tablet case by JWS Shop

The best part of all were our lovely guests!

L.A. and Teri Clar 

Anna and Kerra

Kelly Holland and Rebecca Dodelin of kph studio


Thanks to everyone involved on this night.  It felt like a step forward for the already established and rapidly growing creative side of DC. Who's ready to do it all again next year!? :)

Photo cred- Abby Jiu, Shannon Smith, Jason Andelman