17 December 2013

My Logo!

It's been all over the place, through different color palettes, designs, fonts, and backgrounds. But finally it has been decided. The logo for NAFASI isssssss:

I love it! It's clean, and fresh. It still has an eclectic, tribal appeal, but it's lighter now with the new color scheme. Lots of white. Navy, black, pops of coral, and accents in gold. Now picture my office in these colors... :)

To see the evolution of NAFASI's logo, and other business cards, letterhead, etc, check out the pictures below:

Until finally....

16 December 2013

Ikat just makes People Happy.

What a good combo! The dark gray sofa, pillows in the cable knit white and tribal red and white fabric, wall color is in that pale blue/grey and 2 side chairs in the show stopper ikat fabric. I love it. :)

06 November 2013

Is it Weird to Send Pics of Me Hugging Your Rug?

West Elm is really proving to have some quality interesting pieces at an affordable price. This rug is only $499 in the 5x8 and there's usually some kind of discount going on as well. So cute! And it's cozy too. It works perfectly for a client to cozy up her NYC apartment with slate floors. Layering it with another thin rug on the bottom adds some extra charm. :)

03 November 2013

If you need Fabric, I'm your Gal!

I have accounts with Fabricut and Carole Fabrics now! My home office is decked out with fabric books and I can now create color combinations and palettes with fabrics at home!!! It's a decorating haven. I have a ton of cool options for upholstery, draperies, or bedding. I love custom! (And I swear I'm not keeping them in my trunk anymore. :)

01 November 2013

A Cozy Combo

Did a room for a client in this palette. We worked around her brown sofa and brought in her favorite colors- deep yellow and teal!

30 October 2013

I Heart Fabric

The DC Design Center has so much to offer! This client loved color, bright large prints and florals. Needless to say I spent a while looking through this aisle!

Some swanky metallics:

No client needed this fabric, but I couldn't help snapping a pic. What a fantastic print! It gives me inspiration for future projects. :)

17 October 2013

Fabrics Fabrics and MORE Fabrics!!!!

You can find basically ANY fabric you're looking for at Haute. You just need to have some patience, and muscle through all those bolts!! And the women who work there are great too :)

(Pictured: Kelly Holland,  KPH Studio)

29 September 2013

The process of the Office

We started with a blank slate. An empty room, and a pinterest page. After a consultation with Stephanie Olvey, we figured out her style and the function of this office space... and then made it pretty. :) Steph was great to work with. She didn't know exactly what she wanted or how to verbalize or visualize it, and my job was to turn this space into what I imagined her dream office would be, all under $2000. 

I presented Steph with 4 different layout options, all with different working space utility... Then I asked her lots of questions. :) It turned out she was organized and needed storage, but wanted a clean table space where she could also sprawl out. This room is doubling as a TV room for her boyfriend as well. So we went with the faux built-in layout with the big desk in front. I gave her a mood board of how I thought the room would turn out and then we got started with the purchases (starting with the IKEA bookshelves of course!)

 The accent wall started out as a mustard-y yellow color at first, and after a color consultation with me, Steph went with the pale lime green.

 With all that display shelf space, we needed some goodies to showcase! So we hit up my FAVORITE place, Goodwill! (We got everything on her bookcases for under $200!!)

 We also went on a trip to a consignment shop in Georgetown. Some more great deals!

 I went on another thrift store trip on my own to pick out some beautiful wall art for Steph. She loves seagulls... JUST kidding ;) But the frames worked wonders for her gallery wall! (See the process of painting the gallery wall below as well)