14 December 2009


One of my favorite memories of Tanzania is this one time in Iringa a while back. It was probably about 8 months ago. I was walkin down the street with my friend Kate. This is her pictured here. We were walking past the market, when along came an old homeless guy. This old homeless guy was different though. This guy didn't beg for money, he didn't want food, he wasn't even looking for small talk with a foriegner. This old guy just really really wanted to punch a white person. He walked right up to us, cold cocked Kate on the shoulder, turned around, and walked back to his spot near the market. No words spoken. Just a punch-n-run. The best part about this story though, is that it took us a couple minutes to even realize that this was strange or funny. She kind of just rubbed her shoulder and we kept on walking. Then later realized, hey, Kate just got punched on the shoulder by an old homeless guy for no reason. It was pretty funny. Maybe the old guy was getting out years aingst in that punch. Or maybe he had a vengence against foriegners. Or maybe he just confused Kate with some other young woman he was upset at. Or maybe he was just crazy a little. Who knows..

09 December 2009

My first blog in 2009 Dec 9, 2009

So i guess its pretty clear that Im not the best updater of my blog. I just never can think of how to summarize all of the crazy things that go on here in TZ! (also i make a lot of spelling mistakes and don't want you all to make fun of me!) So ill post some pics from facebook. That first pic is me and my dog! Her name is Nami which means "with me" in Swahili.. She was still a puppy back then, now she's a year old and a huge rhodesian ridgeback (african lion dog) and also a huge pain in the butt, but really really reaaallyy cute! I'm carryin her on my back like how all the mamas carry their kids on their backs. the next pic is from a night when barden and em came to visit me at my house in my family room. we cooked dinner for the kids next door, who basically are my brothers and sisters by now. Thats barden, nuru, elisha, brown, emilie, dorcas, me, and joshua. out of time here now, but will post more pics sooner than later! wohlers is coming to visit in a couple weeks!! very excited!